English for adults

Be Fluent is an independent language institution based in Wroclaw, Poland. Our mission is to bring quality, professional English language immersion instruction to adult learners in Poland.
Be Fluent prides itself on its commitment to the learning objectives of each student and we strive to make sure that every student – and every volunteer – has a satisfying, memorable and valuable language experience.


Be Fluent offers English speaking programmes that include ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS with native English speakers. We use a well-tested and mutually rewarding model of teaching that has spread all over the world and is proving to be highly effective in helping people to become fluent.

If you live in another European country why not come and discover Poland! Join our intensive immersion programme in the center of Europe! Stay in a lovely hotel and enjoy a week with native English speakers. You will receive maximum care and attention – 100% guaranteed!

Do you need a vacation to clear your head? With us you can combine a week-long relaxation break in quality Polish hotels (Wellness Spa options available) with intensive English conversations with native ENGLISH speakers.

Our programmes are in Poland; in the real heart of Europe! So it is not necessary to pay for expensive travel to England, Ireland or Malta to learn to speak English. We will bring 100% confirmed native English speakers right to you.

Our English immersion programme takes 5 days and offers 60 hours conversation time, which you spend with individuals from English speaking countries, such as the USA, Canada and Great Britain. All this in an excellent hotel with accommodation and full board. During this time, you will have a lot of fun, social and leisure activities that actually help to improve your English without being bored, like you were in school! You will naturally improve your English conversation skills, increase your vocabulary, find grammar easier to apply and be coached on how to pronounce certain words by an actual English speaker.

Not only that, but after a few days you will no longer realize which language you are speaking! You will begin to think (and dream!) in English! Our students and others confirm these experiences.

Join us and allow us to be a part of your journey to improve your English and finally talk!  The best way to learn is in a fun environment without stress, having informal conversations with people from the English-speaking world. You will be in control of the subject choices, anything from general knowledge and common language issues to the technical language you need to perform in you career. 

Intensive English courses with native speakers are available for everyone. If you need to improve your Business or Technical English for work, you have found the right place. Come join us for a week, where you can have conversations and do practical activities in order to learn. Joining you will be like-minded ambitious specialists, such as lawyers, HR managers, accountants and teachers who are on the programme to learn. 

We also offer a two-on-one option, which you can do with a friend or partner. In other words, you will have group conversations with one English speaker for the two of you. You will meet new English speaking friends together and “break the barrier” with English conversations. Have fun, enjoy the process and get lost in the moments of connection and cultural exchange. 

Do not hesitate! Join us right now!

Adult programs

English in a week


Join us!

Choose one of the options we have prepared for you: 

  • Individual Business 1-1 Program if you work professionally and use English at work (fill in the field: Additional information and specify the field you are interested in – we will find a native speaker with relevant experience). 
  • One of the General English Programs: 1-1 or 2-1.

Specify your preferences regarding your stay in the hotel (e.g. meal requirements, whether you want to share a room with another person, e.g. a participant or native speaker, etc.). Our consultant will contact you, together you will set the exact date and all details regarding the trip.